From CAD-to-Mesh with Fluent Meshing: Part 1

Fluent Meshing has been going through some quite dramatic usability improvements during the last 2-3 years and as we continue to move in this direction, we also add and improve core capabilities. In these videos below we take you to a journey from extracting a few parts from a CAD assembly model to the volume meshing steps, all with tree and graphics driven operations within Fluent Meshing. In the first video we start by an introduction to our new light-weight CAD assembly module, or CAD management module. You will find that the CAD assembly tree maintains the hierarchy of your sub-assemblies, parts and bodies exactly as in your CAD package. It allows you extract out parts using suitable faceting for the engineering model that will actually be used for the simulation. The faceting can span from very coarse to high quality CFD surface meshes. We also show how easy it is to manage and replace parts from this module into the engineering module as part of design changes.

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